The company was created on August 17, 1988 with the main objective of civil construction and public works.

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In 2020, JMF awarded its employees

In 2020, JMF awarded its employees

In 2020, JMF awarded its employees

Throughout 2020, JMF demonstrated, as usual, its commitment, dedication and a particular capacity for resilience in the face of a difficult year with very adverse circumstances.

However, due to the enormous resilience of its team, which refused to give up, 2020 was marked from the outset by a strong determination to respond, as usual, to the company’s enormous responsibility in building the future of its customers!

As highlighted by the Board of Directors of JMF, “To end a difficult year for all, economic agents, as well as political decision makers, are required to be responsible, common sense, ambition, audacity, resilience and hope…“.

For this reason, the Board of Directors of JMF decided to award an extraordinary prize to its employees, rewarding their effort and dedication with the payment of an extra Christmas subsidy, thus acknowledging due merit to all those who daily build the success of JMF and fostering its contribution to the country’s social and economic purposes, namely, to national economic growth and restructuring.

For JMF the important thing is to act in relation to what really matters; and, people are what really matter in any company.