The company was created on August 17, 1988 with the main objective of civil construction and public works.

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Production centers


Production Centers


JMF & Filhos S.A. provides a quality service by controlling and monitoring the products during the production process, at the time of delivery to the customer and in their final use.

Thus becoming a benchmark for quality and innovation in the market for the transformation of granite mineral masses.

The company has highly qualified technicians in the pursuit of high performance, investing heavily in its continuous training.

Production centers
of bituminous mixtures


Bituminous Mixtures

This production center was installed and prepared with totally new equipment, as well as mobile equipment, since at any time they can be moved to another location, depending on the area where the company develops its work.

In this center, a power plant with a capacity of 80/100 tons is installed. It produces all types of hot bituminous masses (Macadam, Binder, Wear, etc.).

This center is also equipped with “Basic” weighing equipment.

It is also in this center that the JMF laboratory is installed.