The company was created on August 17, 1988 with the main objective of civil construction and public works.

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Focused on growth and sustainable development since 1988.



JMF – José Moreira Fernandes & Filhos, Lda.


The company was created on August 17th, 1988 with the main objective of civil construction and public works.

Currently operating in Portugal and Angola, JMF focuses its development and growth strategy on diversification, internationalization and innovation.


The name of the company then passes to “José Moreira Fernandes & Filhos, S. A.”, which adopts the acronym JMF, S.A., corresponding to the simple adjustment to a public limited company. Despite the company having undergone an internal reorganization, the brand image has not been modified.

Projecting the future

All changes made an important contribution to the projection of an external image that has been reflected in the effective capabilities and potential of JMF, which in fact contributed to sustainable growth and development.

Our Mission

Today, JMF asserts itself in the market as a company that guides its action by high quality standards.

The company's ability to mobilize resources and know-how has allowed it to be evident in projects for the execution of road infrastructure works, as well as Civil Construction projects. For this purpose, it counts on a vast technical team, composed of architects and engineers, which allows it to execute "turnkey" projects, that is, from the elaboration of architectural and special projects to the completion of the work.

Quality management

After a restructuring of the company, there was a need to move forward with the certification of activities.

The quality in the scope of the extraction of granite and its transformation into Crushed Aggregates for Civil Construction and Public Works was assumed as a strategic objective and began the development of a system, in continuous improvement, in order to integrate the concepts of quality in the culture of José Moreira Fernandes & Filhos SA.



Social Development

JMF has a leading role in social development, so that we participate actively and dynamically in society, collaborating in cultural initiatives and supporting institutions of a social nature.

In this way, we break social responsibility and equal opportunities in the target entities. .
Support provided by José Moreira Fernandes & Filhos, S.A. : – Sponsorship for the race of the National MotoCross Championship in Oliveira de Santa Maria, Vila Nova de Famalicão Municipality and Famalicão Super Special; .
– Sponsorship for the realization of All Terrain Events (Raids TT), Vila Nova de Famalicão Municipality; – Sponsorships for events of a Religious Nature, Festivities in Honor of Popular Saints; – Sponsorship of Regional Newspapers.

Environmental Development

The concern with the environment is perhaps the main topic of discussion today in terms of the practice of directing the production process.
This should be directed towards responsible management of resources and not only towards the generation of wealth and consumption.

The Environmental Management System (SGA) established according to the ISO 14001 standard, is currently being implemented and aims to present the measures taken by JMF </ strong > With the objective of avoiding / minimizing the impacts of the works on the environment.

In order to verify the correct implementation of all prevention, minimization and monitoring actions, an environmental monitoring of all activities related to the works carried out by the company is carried out.



We invest in Training

Training is seen at JMF as an activity to improve the qualification of human resources.
As a result, JMF endows its employees with skills / expertise, which is reflected in an increase in their productivity. This means the support of the work and the profitable capacity of the company.

The ongoing training activity has been a strong bet by JMF, which is provided with a training plan adjusted to the needs and, with it, the company has been giving the right answers to the market, ensuring the monitoring of the most modern technical, social developments , environmental and management being the key to the company's progress and success.