We have been working in the permanent search for the satisfaction of our customers, and general public, for this, we use an efficient quality management system (QMS), which guarantees quality in production and services provided.

The quality of its products and services is essential for the sustained development of the Company.

It is the Company’s permanent concern to provide the necessary resources to guarantee the quality of the products and services that it is based on, in compliance with the client’s requirements and legal requirements, so as to be able to correspond with solutions that assure the total satisfaction Of its needs and expectations, Essentially ensuring that the roads have the necessary conditions to allow the public to circulate safely and comfortably.

Because JMF believes in the complementarity of its efforts, techniques, history and experience, it has insisted on placing at the disposal of its teams all equipment and infrastructure necessary for good technical and professional practices, one of these structures is the laboratory for experimentation, creation, analysis development and all activities connected to this type of structures, such as quality control.

In this way, JMF seeks greater recognition by its clients, employees and society in general of the quality and competitiveness of its products and services, which will translate into a deepening of its commercial relations with customers and suppliers, with a favorable impact on the Development and return to the Company.

JMF is convinced that its constant success depends on this quality policy of its products and services.