The company JMF – José Moreira Fernandes & Sons, Lda. was incorporated on August 17, 1988, having as purpose the construction and public works.

In 2005, faced with new challenges that the market demanded, it was important to prepare the company for the growing development of its activity, creating conditions for greater flexibility, giving it the development of more professional management methods and a more pronounced feature of entity with life Different from that of their respective partners.

It is in this context that management proposes to the General Assembly to decide the transformation of JMF into a limited company, which would seem to be the corporate model that would best correspond to its business conditions and market insertion and prospects for future development.

The name of the company then goes to “José Moreira Fernandes $ Filhas, SA”, which adopts the acronym JMF, SA, corresponding to the simple adjustment for public limited company, not changing the brand image that the current name has already gained in the market, although, the company has undergone an internal reorganization.

These changes have made an important contribution to the projection of an external image that has been reflected in the effective capabilities and potential of JMF, which in fact contributed to a sustainable growth and development, affirming itself today in the market as a company that Its action by high standards of quality.

Currently operating in Portugal and Angola, JMF focuses its development and growth strategy on diversification, internationalization and innovation.

The company’s ability to mobilize resources and know-how has enabled it to become evident in projects for the execution of road infrastructure projects, as well as, more recently, in cleaning, maintenance and maintenance of roads, including collection and transportation of waste.

PME Líder 2016


Once again, JMF, S.A., was awarded the PME Líder 2016 Statute, following its performance and risk profile. This distinction is a public recognition of the success of the strategy followed by the page, as well as the importance of its contribution to the national economy.