The extraction and production of aggregates comes from the “Fezelha” Quarry, located in Pisões, Montalegre, and has a wide range of aggregates of granite origin, allowing in this way various solutions for architecture and construction.

Aggregates we commercialize are of granite origin, crushed with granulometry between 2 and 65mm for application in construction work and other industrial applications. Depending on the product, these aggregates are CE-marked in accordance with EN 12620, EN 13043, 13242, and EN 13450.

JMF & Filhos S.A. provides a quality service controlling and monitoring the products during the production process, at the moment of delivery to the customer and in their final use.

JMF & Filhos S.A., is a reference of quality and innovation in the market of transformation of granite mineral masses.

The company has highly qualified technicians in pursuit of a high performance betting heavily on its continuous training.

Quality management

After a restructuring of the company, there was a need to move forward with certification of activities.

The quality of granite extraction and its transformation into crushed aggregates for construction and public works was assumed as a strategic objective and the development of a continuous improvement system was started in order to integrate the concepts of quality in the culture of José Moreira Fernandes & Filhos SA.