National Trial Championship 4 × 4 2016

4 × 4 crowd in the West, Team JMF wins

The one that is already nicknamed by many of the “show track” has attracted thousands of spectators and an extensive list of subscribers. The teams overcame real obstacles and no one left standing until the 3 hours of resistance had been met.

Team JMF (Bruno Fernandes / António Azevedo) was the great winner of this fifth stage of the National Trial Championship 4 × 4. The pilot of Famalicão was, d and all 33 participants, who managed to make more rounds, 18 in total.

In the Proto category, Team JMF was, after 3 hours of resistance, the great winner of the class. As we have already mentioned, the driver was the great winner of this day, making the best result of all classes and therefore is also the natural winner of his class. After five events held Bruno Fernandes / António Azevedo they arrive at the last and last race with possibilities to become national champions. Proof is to be held on October 23 in the town of Granda, Paredes.

In 2016 the Extreme, Proto and Super Proto Classes discuss the Absolute title that crowns the champion of the champions. The score to be awarded to the National Trial Championship 4 × 4 2016 Absolute is determined by the final overall classification of each event, ie at the end and each event is published a general classification, determined by the number of laps. Whoever gives the highest number of laps in each stage is the one who scores the most for the Absolute Class. Bruno Fernandes (JMF) was the most punctuated for the Absolute in Torres Vedras, thus approaching the first places.